Lums Pond Manic Monday Evening Mash

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Monday, July 11, 2016 - 6:00pm
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The weekly Lums Pond Monday Evening "B ride" will push off at 6:00PM sharp, note; this group does not wait for late arrivals. This ride is for B riders, and or B+ riders. This is NOT a C paced friendly ride.  Many local riders participate in this ride as it provides the opportunity to learn the trails at one of the most convenient facilities for mountain biking in southern New Castle County, and they will get to meet a great group of active riders of all ages. We ask that riders under the age of 14 be accompanied by an adult rider and that juniors between the age of 14 and 18 have an adult to sign the liability waiver present at the beginning of the ride. All riders MUST wear a helmet and have water with them and sign the liability waiver. All riders are also responsible for being self sufficient on the trail which means bringing a spare tube, air pump or CO2, and a well maintained mountain bike.

B+ Ride: Average speed 9 - 11 mph - Terrain and ride length similar to A category. Ride leader regroups as necessary. Must be comfortable with sustained challenging pace for 2 + hours, including long periods of anaerobic exercise. Advanced pace, 9-11+ mph.

B Ride: 8-10 mph this pace is for the average rider with a season or more of experience under their belt and the desire to push the pace a bit. Riders at this level are often starting to further refine their bike handling skills. While not a race pace, moderate rides are considerably faster than casual rides and tend to offer few if any regular rest breaks.

Lums Pond State Park is located at 1068 Howell School Rd, Bear, DE 19701. We push off from the Recreation center parking area (between Areas 1 and 2).   This is a FEE area with DE residents paying $4.00 and other states $8.00 per car per visit.  Annual passes are also available through DNREC.

Rides will be canceled if conditions are unfavorable.  Please check back here for day of changes.  Cancelations will be posted by 4:30pm


The Ride Coordinator for these rides is Bill Batchelor, who can be reached at 302-757-9447 or through email at 


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