Wednesday ROMP - All Levels Ride from Paper Mill Park

Ride Date: 
Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - 5:30pm
Ride type: 
Ride level: 
All Levels

Wednesday evening All Levels ride pushes off from Paper Mill Park's rear parking lot at 5:30pm

Mileage will depend upon the ride level you choose.

We ask that riders under the age of 14 be accompanied by an adult rider and that juniors between the age of 14 and 18 have an adult to sign the liability waiver present at the beginning of the ride. All riders MUST wear a helmet and have water with them and sign the liability waiver. All riders are also responsible for being self sufficient on the trail which means bringing a spare tube, air pump or CO2, and a well maintained mountain bike.

The Wednesday ride through White Clay, Middle Run and Redd parks is a great opportunity for learning how to connect the trails of these three areas.

Papermill Park is located at 1060 Papermill Rd, Newark, DE  19711 (The main entrance is off of Polly Drummond Rd)

Rides will be canceled if conditions are unfavorable.  Please check back here for day of changes.  Cancelations will be posted by 4:30pm

The Wednesday ride coordinator is Bill Batchelor, and he can be contacted @ 302-757-9447 or via


“C+” ride: while still laid back and “casual” in nature this pace will have fewer stops/breaks along the way. Often times stronger riders will lead and attend a casual/moderate pace if the aim of the ride is social in nature. Riders with an average level of fitness and at least a few months of regular riding under their belts should do fine on this level of ride.

 “B” Ride: This pace is for the average rider with a season or more of experience under their belt and the desire to push the pace a bit. Riders at this level are often starting to further refine their bike handling sills. While not a race pace moderate rides are considerably faster than casual rides and tend to offer few if any regular rest breaks.

 “A” ride: “A” rides can and often will be done at a full on race pace. Pushing yourself to your limits is what  a fast pace is all about. “B+” ride pace is intended for the experience rider who wishes to push themselves above the average pace. These rides will seldom have regular breaks and require a significant level of fitness and bike handling skills in order to stay with the group.

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