Middle Run Pump Track

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Middle Run Pump Track

We're beginning to layout and flag the Middle Run Pumptrack.  Once flagged we'll do a walk through with the county and hopefully start digging by May.

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Beginner Jump Line

We'll start working on the beginner jump line after completing phase 1 of the pump track.

Intermediate and Expert Jump Line

We're phasing in the jump lines.  So, after completing the beginner we'll start the intermediate.  Once the intermediate is complete we'll start the expert.  It'll give people time to progress and we'll be able to adapt to people's new skills.

I definitely want to help! 

I definitely want to help!  My schedule is a little hectic this semester but I will definitely try and make room!

Sounds awesome, will plan on

Sounds awesome, will plan on lending a hand. Keep us updated.


I will help!

Im free to help so please let me know 


This is the great news !!!  

This is the great news !!!   Has the layout already been decided?  I am available to help with all aspects and have experience. Please keep me in the loop.

Might do some preliminary

Might do some preliminary layout work this week after 5 PM.  I'll adjust day based on availability.

What day were you thinking to

What day were you thinking to start the layout and where is it going to be?

Pump Track Progress?

I see there's been some movement on the pump track!

Is it official?

Where will it be?

When does work start?


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We're working on the design

We're working on the design which includes the beginner pump track, water lines, drainage and water retention system.

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