Mountain Bike Skills Course - Climbing

If you have taken our Intro to Mountain Biking course or have at least one season of riding experience, join us Sunday October 11, 1pm at Fair Hill for our mountain bike climbing skills class.  Riders are expected to be able to effectively demonstrate fundamental skills taught in the Intro to Mountain Biking course (bike / body separation) to be eligible to participate.

One of our IMBA Level 2 Certified Instructors will start out by going over some basic climbing info, then demonstrate and practice some climbing skills on grass, then head out for a short trail ride which emphasizes the skills you just learned.

This course is open exclusively to IMBA members.

You may join IMBA via charitable / tax deductible contribution ($30 Individual / $ 50 Family) to the Trail Spinners which includes the following:

+ 1 Year IMBA membership
+ Free access to intermediate skills training during the season
+ Free 1 Year Dirt Rag digital subscription
+ VIP pricing on a new Subaru

You must pre-register for the course by sending an e-mail to .

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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