2014 Fair Hill Classic Mountain Bike Race

Trail Spinners Fair Hill Classic - MASS XC & Endurance Finals

Date: 2014-08-23
Race Type: XC & Endurance

Fair Hill date has moved to August and will host the XC Series Finals and XC awards ceremonies.

Contact: Ricardo Gomez

Location: Fair Hill, Md


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Registration opens at 7:00 and will close 30 minutes prior to the start of each race as follows:

Endurance: 7:00 to 7:30

Cat 2: 7:00-8:15

Pro & Cat 1: 8:15-9:15

Cat 3: 9:00 - 10:00

Novice: (1st time racer) 9:00 - 11:00

Kid race: any time before 11:00.



Course GPX files - Not 100% accurate but close enough.


Registration will take place here:

Fair Hill Classic Registration


Day of Race Registration will be $45.00 for XC classes and $55 for Endurance classes.

It's that time. It's time to register for the 2014 Fair Hill Classic!!!


If you've raced with us before you know how much fun it is. If you haven't, well, you'll love it.


The course will see some changes this year. As always, there will be something for everyone. Novices, beginners, sport, and pro racers. Endurance riders, we are doing everything we can to give you the best trails Fair Hill has to offer. We will also be featuring a kid's race.


So, you're out of excuses. Come race the Fair Hill Classic. As we get closer to the race date, we will reveal more of the cool stuff we've got in the works. For now, I'll just say that there's a chance someone may be crowned King of the Mountain... bring your climbing legs!


This event is put on entirely by volunteers from the Trail Spinners mountain bike advocacy club and their friends and families. 100% of the race proceeds go into building and maintaining the trail systems in Delaware, Northern Maryland and South East, Pennsylvania. Trail Spinners is an IMBA Chapter Club and, as such, works tirelessly with local land managers to open new, responsible trail systems for mountain bikers to enjoy. We would like to acknowledge the fine support from the Maryland Park district and especially the local park management and employees. Without this support the event could not take place and in fact the trails system would probably not be here and open to cycling. We also wish to thank the other park user groups who give us access to the multi-use trail system for this event and who utilize other parts of the park on race day.


This is a fundraiser! Please race with us. Not only will you be enjoying some of the best trails the area has to offer, you'll be helping to keep them that way with your participation.


We are looking for sponsors! If you are looking for some great exposure please contact us at racedirector@trailspinners.org.







Note to Endurance Racers:

This year's race will feature one lap.  That's right.  Be ready to roll for the whole race without coming back around to the Fairgrounds.  In order to be scored you'll have to finish the race.


The Fair Hill Classic 44 Magnum Endurance race course is here! The course is set, the climbs are primed, get ready to rock!  Endurance Race Course Map


NEWS FLASH: Endurance racers, you can bring your coolers. We will transport them ahead to the endurance feed zone.

1) Keep coolers/bags as small as you can.
2) Write your bib/plate number on the top and side.
3) Drop cooler/bag at the designated area when you register.
4) You will have two opportunities to access the your cooler/bag. Once at mile 25 and again at mile 34. Notify a volunteer if you are done with your cooler so that it can be brought back with the next shuttle.
5) Coolers/bags will be available for pick up in the festival area starting at 1pm and will continue to arrive once an hour thereafter.


We will have a cutoff of 4:00 PM for all classes to finish.


1. We will have a cut-off around mile 30.  We are still working to determine the correct time for this cut-off.


2. We will be sweeping the endurance race course starting at 12:30 PM and removing arrows and course markings. We may ask you to stop if you’re not going to make it to the Finish by 4:00PM. Note that an average pace of 7.5 miles per hour will get you all the way to the finish by 3 PM! We will be very generous with the time cutoffs and sweeping but we do have to clean the course before dark.


Novice / 1st Time Racer 11:30AM Start Time

Again this year we have set up a 7.5 mile race course for adults and kids. This course is challenging for new racers but gives those younger riders and adults new to the sport a chance to discover the fun of mountain bike racing on a less technical course.


MASS Racers: This is the time to encourage your spouse, friends, neighbors and kids to try racing.


Kids Race 2:00PM Start Time.

The ever popular kid’s race with tee shirts, ribbons and some prizes will be held on a short course for kids from “training wheels” to “ready for Novice class”. The kids race will be held ”mid-day” so expert, sport and beginner racers can bring their family and friends and watch/help them race for fun. This race is free, but all riders must register along with a parent or Guardian. Ribbons / prizes (plus Tee Shirts to all who enter).


If your kids want to move up from the 0.2 Mile per Lap "Kids Race" but not quite ready to race a more technical course we'll have another option. There will be a 3.5 Mile "Kids Race" (the prolog course of the adult race course). There will be a leader and sweeps (parents may also ride at the rear of this race).

Please have your child ready by 1:30PM at the Kids Race Assembly area (East of the Finish Line pavilion on the paved road). Kids riding the 3.5 mile loop will depart from this same area with their leader(s).


XC and Endurance Ceremony


This year the Fair Hill Classic is the final race of the year for the 2014 MASS race series and we will be featuring a SEASONS-END RACE FESTIVAL immediately following the race. The festival will feature live music, as well as food, beer, children's activities and games for the adults. All podiums and awards will be announced at the festival rather than in Walls Hall as in previous years. Please join us to celebrate the end of another great year of racing!







In August, Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area is usually quite dry so some rain before race day will not adversely affect the trails. Usually rain less than 1" and more than 12-24 hours before race start will still be fine. Ample food and drink will be available for purchase in the festival area. Food will be provided by several food vendors and will be prepared on premises. Cold bottle drinks will also be available for purchase. Coffee may be provided in the morning for those of us who are addicted!


Water stops will be spaced out along the race course.


Course maps will be available soon on the Trail Spinners web site (www.trailspinners.org). All mileages published here and on other Trail Spinner documents are believed to be accurate within 5%. Your actual mileage on your computer may vary somewhat from what we publish.


The registration area is located inside Walls Hall at the main Fairgrounds Entrance. Parking will be obvious. All prizes and medals will be as described on the registration page at BikeReg.com.


A team tent area will be designated and marked. Please email racedirector@trailspinners.org to reserve space for your team. Let us know the details, number of tents, how many riders, etc. so that we can accommodate you.

Exhibitors will be in the festival area. Please email us at racedirector@trailspinners.org so that we can help you make arrangements.


For up to date information visit: http://trailspinners.org/event/2014-fair-hill-classic-mountain-bike-race.

For the last minute GO/NO GO decision please check the Trailspinners.org site after 6:00 PM on Friday August 22, 2014.  Rain date is August 24.

For questions (or comments) for the Race Director please contact Ricardo Gomez at: RaceDirector@trailspinners.org


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Fair Hill Natural
Resources Management Area:

Fairground Area of Fair Hill

4680 Telegraph Road

Elkton, MD 21921.


The start of the race will be here:




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