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Used Tires 4sale

I have 6 lightly used tires of various sizes for 29er/27.5/26 tire size.

(1) 29x2.25 Tioga Psych Genius. Very meaty, great traction for fall & winter riding.

(1) 27.5x2,25 Schwalbe Racing Ralph

(1) 26x2.10 Kenda Nevegal Stick-E compound

(1) 26x2.10 Kenda Nevegal true UST tubeless

(1) 26x2.2 Bontrager Jones ACX 

(1)  26x2.1 Schwalbe Racing Ralph


$40 takes all tires. MUST take all tires. Please no mix/match. Stans was used in all tires,

Newark area. PM me or call 302.519.0442 if interested.

Injury prevents further riding.

Likey Dewey
This sounds interesting and

This sounds interesting and useful. But how will you be able to ship or deliver this to buyer from other state? Does anyone allowed to purchase this? or only for a specified place. - Dennis Wong

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