March News!

Spring is here and Trail Spinner group rides are too! Check out the basic dates and times below. Click on the ride titles for more info.

Lums Pond Manic Monday Evening Mash

03/16/2015 - 5:30pm, type: Weekly, Sport (B, B+), Tuesday Fair Hill Gallaher lot at 5:30

03/17/2015 - 5:30pm, type: Weekly, All Levels

Wednesday ROMP - Paper Mill Park

03/18/2015 - 5:30pm, type: Weekly, All Levels

Thursday Fair Hill Women’s Ride

03/19/2015 - 5:30pm, type: Weekly, Sport

Thursday Fair Hill Sport/Blur Ride

03/19/2015 - 5:45pm, Ride type: Weekly, Expert / Competitive Sport, Insanely Fast!


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Volunteer Corner

For those of you that are interested in helping with Trail Spinner routine maintenance please email Jenny Gomez at , click , or just show up!    

Trail Maintenance starts soon!: Middle Run/Redd/WCC TBA click the link to check our calendar .


***I need volunteers for this year’s Poker Run / Bike Swap and The Fair Hill Classic. Please reach out if you can help with these fun events! The sooner the better. Thanks, Jenny


The Trail Spinner Poker Run is happening in June this year. Featuring fun rides and BBQ! C-Jack and Jenny are working out the details. Stay tuned.  

TS Awesome People: Here’s a great write up about a great guy (Bill Bowen), from a great guy (Jonathan Husbands), shared by another great guy (Ricardo Gomez). How great is that?!
Bill Bowen.jpg


Bill is a great person. One of the original Trail Spinners. I met Bill almost 30 years ago when New Castle County was the only agency that would talk to those crazy two wheeled daredevils. I met with 2 suits from DuPont and a cool guy named Ken robinson. Bill was close behind with his expertise and willingness to work hard. I gave the Trail Spinners (they weren't named that yet) a shot in Middle Run Valley and man did that pay off. Bill and Ken were the dynamic duo with "Crazy Man" Brent Biddle always trying to break my bike. He managed to get me to crack my sprocket when I tried to follow him 90 degrees uphill. Pete Brakage came along as your president and the trails got bigger and better and the volunteer hours climbed. I could name lots more people ‘cause I been around for a long time. Hats off to the Trail Spinners now, in the future and the pioneers from the past. And that Bill is a real pioneer. I'm sure you are all thankful for what he has done for you.




Mud tracks.jpg



Special notes: Trails are not drying as fast. It’s still the freeze/thaw/don’t ride because it just rained time of year. Please follow the Use Dirt Trails not Mud Trails rules. Using Soft, or muddy trails displaces soil and accelerates erosion. If you are leaving a visible footprint or tire track, the trail is too soft to use.  Please keep the this in mind before you begin your rides. By making the right choices you will ensure it’s use for years to come.  Please don’t be that Guy (or Gal) !






February Recipe:Chocolate Guinness Cake click here to get it: YUM!  




If you have a favorite recipe or story you’d like to share please email Jenny Gomez at!  

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