Delaware Trail Project History

Middle Run
1993 - New Castle County signs an agreement with DVMBA to build shared use trails in Middle Run. The first trail built under this agreement was Double Horseshoe which is very close to it's original layout. DVMBA legally became the Delaware Trail Spinners shortly after this agreement. Delaware Trail Spinners continued to expand and maintain the trails by hand.

2003-04 - Major repairs required after Henri give the trails a one-two punch and relocate bridges through system.

2005 - Delaware State Parks entered into a partnership with New Castle County and the Delaware Trail Spinners. The first project was funding the 65 foot fiberglass bridge that connects Middle Run and White Clay which was installed between Christmas and New Years of 2005. Delaware State Park's was working on a sustainable master plan for the White Clay Trail System which included Middle Run.

2006 - In November, Delaware State Parks began mechanized trail construction with a small walk behind skid steerer on the Snow Goose Trail (Down to Jimmy's).

2009 - Paper Mill Park connector trail awarded a $10,000 Bike's Belong Grant.  Additionally, New Castle County invests $22,000 on the project with additional support from Trail Spinners and Delaware State Parks.  The 1 mile trail is valued at $100,000 with 380 linear feet of bridges and 900 feet of all-weather trail.

2010 - 85 Foot Fiberglass bridge purchased for Stepping Stone Crossing.  New Castle County, Delaware State Parks, and Trail Spinners fund and provide labor for this $100,000 project.  In 2011, Trail Spinners were awarded a National Environmental Award from the Coalition of Recreational Trails for this project.

2016- Portions of the Lenape trail- field trail from the trail head of the Middle Run day use lot (Bird Lot) and a field section of Lenape near Fox Den Road- were re-routed and armored with crushed stone and rock. The goal here is to prevent field trails from sinking below grade and forming ruts. When this happens, riders will form alternate lines adjacent to the original trail- known as trail migration. The rock foundation under the trail makes field trails less vulnerable to erosion and freeze/thaw cycles. Additionally, at the day use lot section going down into the woods- pump rollers, a berm, and rock garden features were built to add variety to this section of trail. 

2017 - In the summer of 2017, the club built progressive rock features of varying difficulty- beginner, intermediate, and advanced- on the re-routed, armored section of Lenape near Fox Den Road. These new features add some much needed variety to this section of trail and allow riders to test their abilities and develop new skills. Photos and videos of these features can be found on the club's Facebook page.

Middle Run Flow Trails

2017- In October of 2017, the Trail Spinners finally completed the long awaited Middle Run pump track located in the upper field of the Possum Hollow loop trail. Overall, this new feature has proven successful with a variety of users from BMX riders to XC mountain bikers- ranging in age from 5 to 70- all using this new trail. The club plans to build additional features such as flow trails and more advanced pump tracks. These features provide great diversity to our trail system and few of these features exist within the region. Our collective biking community stands to benefit from the success of this project. To complete this project, the club is seeking funding from the community. Please visit the Donate page of the website to learn more and make a donation. 

White Clay Creek State Park

Redd Park
2007 - Chip Kneavel and Jim Ireland begin conversations with the City of Newark.

2009 - Trail Spinners, Delaware State Parks and the City of Newark agree to improving trails in Redd Park.  First project is start natural surface loop off Reservoir.  City of Newark is pleased with the project and approves future work.

2010 - Finished natural surface loop off Reservoir and begin layout to improve connection to White Clay/Middle Run.  We start working on grants for all-weather trail.

2011 - $100,000 grant awarded to the City of Newark to create an all-weather trail in Redd Park.  Trail Spinners commit volunteer hours as match and provide financing for the project.  Jim Ireland and Bob Gaston spearhead a large trail-building project within Redd Park, the forest adjacent to the Newark Reservoir. The project goal was two-fold: to complete a fragmented network of existing trails within the park, and build an example of what an all-weather trail COULD be, rather than just a paved path through the woods. This is a very important objective because while the Trail Spinners prefer to build ribbons of natural-surface singletrack trails, there are other local cycling advocacy groups who wish to pave (literally) bike trails through the woods to make community connections, etc. While this is a good thing for road cyclists, many of these trails will not be ridden on skinny tires. Thus making the pavement unnecessary. Not to mention paving a trail with asphalt costs the taxpayers far more than a gravel path. So we wanted to show an example of how an all-weather bike path could integrate with technical rock features, creating different riding experiences for the different types of cyclists that will use the trail.

Brandywine Creek State Park / Woodlawn
Over the course of the past few years, Dusty Burchnall and Jim Ireland have established a working relationship with Brandywine Creek State Park and the Woodlawn Trustees to repair and maintain existing trails within the two neighboring parks. Since late 2012 that relationship has given way to a handful of new trail building projects on the Woodlawn side that addressed erosion issues and left trail users with a far better trail than what was there previously. Work on some of these troublesome areas continues today.



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