We need Pennsylvania residents to lead the effort.  If interested please contact


London Britain Township

Bob Cox (ex-Treasure of Trail Spinners) is on London Britain Township's Open Space and Trails committee.   His involvement on the committee help bicyclist have access to London Britain's newest park "Mason-Dixon Greenway South" next to Flint Hill Crossing.  


London Grove Township

Trail Spinners put on an Intro to Mountain Biking at Goddard Park's Grand Opening.  We've been in talks with the township to help them improve the trails.  We need people to show up at the monthly work parties on the first Sunday of the month from 10 AM until 12 PM.


Franklin Township

We've been at a few meetings with the township.  We looked at the Banffshire Preserve but, PennDOT had to approve parking area.  Other opportunities exist.


Natural Lands Trust

We visited NLT's Peacedale property to examine the trails.  We had approval to start a demonstration project last summer but, didn't start because of equipment issues and volunteers. 


White Clay Creek Preserve

New Friends of White Clay Creek Preserve were formed in 2011 to replace the Bi-State Advisory Council.  It's unfortunate that the current leadership doesn't support bicycle access in the orginal Preserve.  Pennsylvania State Park Staff is inventorying the "Big Elk Creek Section" (Strawbridge Estate) which is the Northern boundary of Fair Hill.  The Friends seem supportive of bicycle access in this area. 

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